HAIYAN-Submarinergy company was founded by a group of material scientists who invented composite materials that are 25 times stronger than the same weight of steel.

Currently, Submarinergy is delivering 5 floating crude storage units (FCSU) in May.

Composite material shipbuilding company, Submarinergy is about to deliver the first batch of 5000-ton crude floating storage units(FCSU). These are unmanned offshore storage vessels equipped with the latest industry Ai technology. 

As crude oil price plummets to negative price, owning a 5000-ton CFSU, does not only get the owner 35000 barrels of crude oil for free, it also gains the owner some cash for storing the crude oil.

As the world runs out of oil tanks, it's become difficult for many oil traders to take advantage of the current opportunity because of the global shortage of storage facilities. 

The FCSU by HAIYAN Submarinergy will provide oil companies and traders an opportunity that helps them take advantage of the current negative price of oil and a better storage option.

Our current non-metal material can last more than 50 years in crude and seawater environment.

We currently have the technology to complete the building of a storage vessel in weeks, which is shorter compare to 3 years of building time for VLCC storage.

At the moment, HAIYAN Submarinergy is discussing with DNV GL and CCS to ensure smooth and safe ocean navigation.

Submarinergy is also offering 5-year leasing and purchase contracts to new clients. 

The company is also planning the delivery of its 40,000-ton FCSU.


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